Beautiful Whole Food

Nasturtiums, Herbs, Jostaberries

Lovely and edible nasturtiums were in bloom today. Nasturtium flowers and leaves have a mild peppery flavor. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, iron, manganese, and beta-carotene. (Read about Nasturtiums here) I was also able to pick a small bowl full of Jostaberries, which are a cross between gooseberry and currants. Once they ripen to a dark purple color, they are ready to eat. Jostaberries are another high antioxidant berry packed with vitamin C and are mildly tart. (Read about Jostaberry here) Nasturtium and Jostaberry add a delicious layer of flavor and beauty to a fresh salad.

Salad greens with nasturtium and Jostaberry

I have harvested the last of my radishes. I thought they were so pretty freshly washed against the rocks. I love radishes in or on almost anything. Do you eat radish sandwiches? I do! What is your favorite way to prepare and eat radishes? Even little radishes, like other whole plant-based foods, have a naturally balanced omega-6 and omega-3 ratio. Maintaining a low ratio by, for example, by not adding or cooking with processed oils, reduces the onset of many lifestyle related diseases which are commonly associated with the Standard American Diet. (Read about Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio here) Surprisingly, radish nutrition data also includes vitamin C and a little folate worth noting. Plant-based whole food is a treasure trove of nutrients supporting our bodies down to a cellular level. Concentrated nutrients often arrive in small beautiful packages.

As I was weeding my little garden yesterday, I remember the therapeutic nature of simple tasks. The simplistic activities we seem to dismiss, serve a higher purpose. They allow us to think, process, relax, calm our minds, focus, and achieve a goal from start to finish.

Amid stress-filled days, the simple act of weeding the garden gives me time to reflect and focus on gratefulness. I enjoy the little treasures my garden provides and appreciate the nourishing beauty of simple whole food. Use the simple tasks to refocus your mind on the positive, tossing the negative thoughts away with the weeds.

Nasturtiums, Herbs, Jostaberries

One final note. It is essential that we always defer to the experts concerning nutrition. Though I have a Certificate of Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies through eCornell, I still depend on the qualified professional doctors and nutritionists to sift through the studies and give the most up to date nutritional and health advice. Here, again, are a list of some of my favorite books and several of the professionals I follow:

T. Colin Campbell, The China Study and Whole

Dr. Neal Barnard, The Cheese Trap

Dr. Michael Greger, How Not To Die

Jack Norris and Virginia Messina, Vegan For Life

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Chef A.J., Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss

Forks Over Knives, video and book.

Are you harvesting from your garden or finding beautiful produce at your local farmers market? Are you reading an inspiring book? I’d love for you to share!

Peach, Tomato, Herb and Microgreen Salad

This simple, yet unlikely, pairing of peaches, tomatoes, microgreens, and mint is a perfect fresh from the garden salad. I hope you try the Plant Based Peach, Tomato, Herb and Microgreen Salad!

Enjoy your day!

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