Bread: Small Changes Equal Big Impact

Whole Grain Sourdough

Yes! I eat Bread! Are you a bread lover or a bread lover and baker?

Following a Plant Based way of eating reminds us of an important fact. Reading labels on all prepared food is a necessary habit to develop. Standard white bread and even bread labeled as “whole wheat” are missing the essential fiber and nutrients of the whole wheat berry or grain and often include preservatives, sugar, and oil. We want the real 100% whole grain bread with no added fat or sugar. Stripping the nutritious part of the wheat berry or grain away is a process used to increase shelf life.

Whole Grain Bread

My favorite packaged bread is Food For Life Sprouted Grain and Seed Bread. It’s all grain and seed with no added sugar or oil. Because it is truly whole grain, it is found in the freezer section of the market as the grain is not processed to lengthen shelf life. I usually have a package in the freezer and remove a few slices at a time to store in the refrigerator to protect it from spoiling. I love to toast a slice and cut into bite-sized pieces to use as croutons in soup or prepare avocado toast. I make veggie sandwiches or a spread of nut or peanut butter (No added oil or sugar, of course) — pure whole food with nutrients and fiber.

Food For Life Bread W/Avo&Tomato
Tartine Bread By Chad Robertson

For the bread bakers: I have been baking oh so delicious sourdough bread using the detailed instructions found in the cookbook Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson. Fresh sourdough~yum! But, there is a caveat. I have enhanced the recipe by grinding and using whole wheat berries rather than using white flour. If you love to bake bread~ read on!

Whole Wheat Berries

I found whole wheat berries packaged in two-pound bags at our Natural Grocer. I purchased hard red spring wheat and hard white spring wheat. I don’t have an expensive grain mill, but I do have a blender with a grain milling attachment. The expensive grain milling machines mill large batches of berries slowly to reduce the heat that damages the nutrients. I do have control and ability to grind the grain slowly in my blender by pulsing at a slow speed. The blender generates a small amount of heat, and I only mill the amount of flour needed for my recipe. Taking the time to use freshly ground wheat berries creates a dense, full flavor, nutritious loaf of bread. I have also ground and added a portion of rye and love the flavor. I have noted in my cookbook that one cup of wheat berries produces one and one-half cup of flour.

The benefits of whole grain bread are the abundance of fiber which is removed in standard white flour, nutrients of the whole grain berry, low or no salt, and no added oil or sugar.

This sourdough bread also makes delicious croutons which are perfect in Creamy Plant Based Tomato Soup. Just cut into bite sized squares and toast in the oven. Yum!

Enjoy your day!

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