Food Choices After Fifty

I began to change my way of eating about seven years ago. My long term goal was to avoid prescribed statins, developing high blood pressure and needing a prescription, and to prevent type two diabetes from developing, also requiring a prescription. These issues plague people in our age group. How can we avoid these issues?

The question was, what changes did I need to make? I was active, exercised, and thought I ate well, according to the Standard American Diet, but my weight was telling me I was not entirely on the right path. What secret did thin people, such as vegans, know that I didn’t? Was it all about the meat?

I found, and I ordered a book titled Vegan For Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant Based Diet by Jack Norris and Virginia Messina. This book was a complete eye-opener for me. I had never heard the term “plant-based diet” before reading this book.

I assumed that vegans were the healthiest group of people, but my assumption was wrong. I realized that vegans could be unhealthy too. They can have weight issues as well. I began to look at food as either nutritious or not nutritious and began to unwind the problems with the Standard American Diet. A favorite brand of frosting filled cookies – vegan. Fried potato chips – vegan. Soda -vegan, and so on. Vegans can be plant-based eaters, but Plant-based eaters are not all vegan. Veganism includes social action along with non-animal-based food choices. Plant-based eaters focus on healthy food choices. Where we fall on this spectrum is a personal choice.

Lettuce Wraps with Maple Miso Soy Curls

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Enjoy your day!


Disclaimer: This information is based on my life and my experience. This information may never be construed as medical advice. You should always refer to your Doctor when planning changes or making changes to your lifestyle.

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