Know Why You Are Eating

I need to be self-aware, especially when eating. Why am I eating? Am I actually hungry? As I reach for the refrigerator door or the cabinet door, I ask myself that question. Am I hungry? Or, Am I anxious, am I bored, am I sad, am I tired, am I eating as an activity while socializing? Am I thirsty? Answer it and address it.

I was surprised to realize how often I reached for food and then paused to ask the question and found the answer was actually thirst. I tend to develope cravings in the evening. I am feeling tired so instead of giving in, I leave the kitchen to relax in another room. Anxiety also makes me reach for food as a way to soothe myself. Recognizing this gives me the opportunity to choose a better way to relax.

If your friends always gather around food, meet for dinner or show affection with food, be the change. Invite friends to walk the 5k’s in your area or walk in the neighborhood, bring veggies to pot lucks. Love others with healthy food options. They may make the change with you.

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Enjoy your day!


Disclaimer: This is my story. This is not to be used as medical advice. Always consult with your doctor regarding your health.

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