Microgreen Window Garden

Have you noticed the beautiful little microgreens garnishing your restaurant meals? Microgreens are nutrient rich when they have grown only two leaves. So tiny and beautiful, yet powerful. This small addition adds concentrated vitamins and carotenoids to your meal. See USDA research here.

Grow your Microgreens

Microgreens are expensive to buy in the market but inexpensive to grow at home. They take up very little space and are perfect for a window garden. I grow microgreens continuously on my sunniest window sill. They even grow during the winter with a few hours of sunlight or under a grow light in northern climates.

I used a small amount of Sungro Black Gold potting soil poured into the bottom of a small jar, added my seeds which were Red Rambo Radish from Johnny’s link here. Added enough additional soil to cover the seeds, watered, and placed on my sunniest window sill. Within two weeks, you will have your microgreen harvest.

Snip Microgreens With Kitchen Scissor

Cut with a kitchen scissor, rinse, gently pat dry and enjoy on salads, sandwiches and in soups!

Fresh Salad With Microgreens
Peach, Tomato, Herb and Microgreen Salad

One of my favorite salads is the unique combo of Peach, Tomato, Herb, and Microgreens. As you look through the recipes, you will see that I toss microgreens in or on most everything. Their nutritional punch can not be overstated!

Do you have a window garden?

Enjoy your day!

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