Serving Size Matters

My best friends in the kitchen are my set of measuring cups, which include a 1/8 cup, my food scales, My Fitness Pal app, and web site. The portion sizes in this country are entirely exaggerated and out of proportion. I use the My Fitness Pal application on my phone to keep track of the food I’m eating each day. It has a database of foods, so finding calorie, serving size and nutritional information is simple. It also allows you to scan the bar code of a package to get instant info. It’s convenient. I also often refer to web sites offering nutrition information including calories such as

If I find that I have started to gain weight, the first thing I do is bring out my measuring cups and food scales and start measuring and weighing everything. Often, I find that my food portions or the total amount I have been eating has crept up and I am not burning enough calories to compensate for all the food I am eating. I don’t waste time letting the weighing and measuring of food irritate me. My thoughts are within my control, and I decide to enjoy the process. I remind myself that I enjoy feeling good, not needing medicine to get through the day and this process is therapeutic.

Preparing fresh food takes time, but again, I tell myself this is therapeutic rather than allow myself to consider the prep time a problem. I like to keep food simple.

Tomatoes and cucumber with a squeeze of fresh lemon

Enjoy your day!


Disclaimer: This is my story. This is not to be used as medical advice. Always consult with your doctor regarding your health.

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